From Day to Night

Wake up

  1. Brush Teeth

  2. Go to work

  3. Lunch Break

  4. Finish Work

  5. Have Dinner

  6. Go to Bed

Like most, Ruth Moore had a routine of her own and on that late night of May she expected nothing different.

That night her routine was broken when she woke up to the house next door in flames. Her neighbor, which she had known for years, passed away in the fire that originate in his home. The flames were so intense that it started burning the insulation and walls of her house. Thankfully, she woke up at the right moment and was able to flee to safety while she waited for the fire department to arrive.

Although safe, her home was now destroyed. The melted house allowed for no protection from weather changes nor burglars. Since she had no place to live, she contacted Elder-Aid for help in the reconstruction of her home. With the incredible help of our amazing volunteers, Elder-Aid was able to provide Mrs. Moore with a safe and stable place to live once again in no time!

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