Give Me A Reason

Believe exercise is a waste of time?

We're here to give you 10 reasons why it is not!

1. It will allow you to perform everyday activities, such as climbing stairs, with greater ease

2. It lifts your mood and boosts your mental health

3. It has anti-aging effects, which improves joint function and muscle strength

4. It lowers the risk of certain cancers, lowers high blood pressure, and lowers the risk of diabetes

5. It strengthen your bones and heart

6. It alleviates anxiety and sharpens your memory

7. It helps fight dementia and reduces feelings of depression

8. It improves the oxygen supply to your cells

9. It increases your pain resistance

10. It improves balance and coordination

Exercise may become more difficult as time progresses; click the picture below to find easy exercises you can do at home.

HAS FIT is not associated with Elder-Aid

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