Challenge Cancer

Ever heard of “Fight the fight, find the cure” or “Big or small save them all.” These are popular slogans used to promote the fight against cancer.

You’ve heard of cancer, right? It’s that terrible disease that leaves people weak and makes their hair fall out. However, do you know exactly what cancer is?

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. There are many different types of cancer and many different reasons why one might be a victim of this disease, including family history, tobacco use, and heavy alcohol consumption. Although anyone is at risk, “cancer usually develops in older people 50 years of age or older.”

So what can you do about this? Go get screened! Screening offers the opportunity to detect some cancers early, when treatment is less extensive and more likely to be successful. Proper staging is essential for optimizing therapy and assessing prognosis.

“But won’t screening be expensive?” Not at all! The Texas Cancer Screening, Training, Education and Prevention program (Texas C-STEP) originally started in 2011-2012, to provide free colorectal cancer screening services (colonoscopies) to uninsured/ underinsured Brazos Valley residents. They now offer FREE services for uninsured/underinsured adult women residing in 17 counties, including Brazos, Burleson, Washington, Grimes, Leon, Madison, and Robertson. Texas C-STEP pays for screenings and diagnosis for women who qualify based on income-level and household size, up to 250% about Medicaid federal poverty guidelines. A doctor’s referral is not required and individuals can self-refer.

Want more information? Visit for a list of C-STEP’s services.

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